AD questions ‘silence’ of Maltese MEPs on Dalligate

News of no criminal case against John Dalli welcomed by Alternattiva Demokratika.

Alternattiva Demokratika is "satisfied" by the Police Commissioner's declaration that there is "no evidence" to accuse former EU Health Commissioner John Dalli on criminal charges.

It however questioned the silence of Maltese MEPs on the case.

Carmel Cacopardo, acting AD Chairman, said it was pertinent to ask why all Maltese MEPs kept quiet on the case.

"They have remained silent and left other MEPs, primarily Green MEPs in the European Parliament to query the questionable operations of OLAF," Cacopardo said.

"In addition they have failed to support proposals to carry out an investigation into the matter by the European Parliament."

Cacopardo also accused the Maltese MEPs of abdicating their responsibilities as a result of their silence.  

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Raymond Mintoff
It was a PN's problem created by them because of their own agenda, why should the PL MEPs interfere where it wasn't their business to? Dalli was nominated by the PN without consultation with PL so it was their baby and when the baby pisses they have to clean up the mess.
CARMEL CACOPARDO IS RIGHT ON THIS MATTER. Our Maltese MEPs did nothing to protect Malta's image and Dalli's integrity in the midst of such a massive frame up.
Joseph Borg
MEPs, including the then, Simon Joseph & Grech, remained silent about pensions in Malta,in a case at the European Court, against the Maltese government, which was instigated by a common citizen !

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