PN break silence on Dalligate

Nationalist Party issues curt statement ‘noting’ there’s no criminal case against John Dalli; says it always respected Dalli’s right to defend himself.

The Nationalist Party has finally broke its silence on the bribe allegations which led to the resignation of European Commissioner John Dalli.

In a curt statement after months refusing to comment on the issue, the PN said it was noting the declaration made by Police Commissioner Peter Paul Zammit that there was no evidence incriminating Dalli. It described this development as "offering peace of mind and satisfaction to Dalli and his family".

Yesterday, PN secretary-general Chris Said refused to answer MaltaToday's questions on Zammit's statement. Likewise, PN leader and former MEP Simon Busuttil and MEP David Casa always refused to take a stand.

The PN today said that while Dalli's resignation was a political decision, the party had always respected Dalli's right to defend himself in serenity.

"As always is the case, the PN respects the legal process," it concluded.

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Smells like something fishy wemt on behind the scenes on this whole issue. Looks like someone with an axe to grind wanted Dalli hung, strung and quartered.
"the party (PN) had always respected Dalli's right to defend himself in serenity." Say that to the Marines, dear SimonPN. Ask the ex-Commissioner of Police whether he had pressure from OPM to arrest John Dalli as soon as he intended to set foot in Malta.
Do not make me laugh Dr Said.!!! GONZIPN pressurized the previous Commissioner of Police to arrest and keep under arrest Mr John Dalli to coincide exactly with the vote in Parliament which brought the Government down. They forced Mr Dalli's arrest which brought the significant stress situation requiring his hospitalization. Now they are saying they respected his right to defend himself. What a load of bullshit!!! I am sorry I could not find a better word to describe this atrocity and now these lies to cover up.
Rachel Roberts
U Gonzi il-Prim PROTAGONIST jibqa ma jghid xejn! Il-Bibien tad-Dar Centrali miftuhin ghal John Dalli., kif kienu miftuhin il-bierah ghal Lawrence Gonzi, jew johrog wiehed u jithol l'iehor?
Josanne Cassar
The PN has commented only about the Dalli family by stating that the Police Commissioner's statement is "offering peace of mind and satisfaction to Dalli and his family". But the PN fails to mention how Malta's name was tarnished on this issue. It is obvious that the PN failed to refer to this because this happened under their watch, to say the least.
Michael Lanfranco
The PN not only never defended DALLI a column of PN but I think that PN had a hidden agenda
manuel piscopo
Judas u Ibokriti kollha kemm Huma

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