MaltaToday December survey out on Sunday

MaltaToday will be publishing the results of its voting intentions survey and trust barometer tomorrow

MaltaToday’s December political survey will be out on Sunday morning to gauge the public’s voting intentions if an election is to be held tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the trust barometer will also indicate how much support Bernard Grech and Robert Abela currently enjoy.

The survey will follow MaltaToday’s November survey which showed that Labour had a 9,000-vote lead over the Nationalist Party following the budget. Labour managed to claim its majority in November despite trailing the PN by nearly 5,000 votes one month before.

Despite these changes, the surveys have been characterised by a substantially high voter abstention rate, mirroring that observed during the 2022 general election.

December’s survey will be the last MaltaToday survey for 2023, as political parties will start gearing up for the MEP and local council elections across Malta later on in 2024.

Grab a printed copy of MaltaToday on Sunday to get the full survey results.