MaltaToday European election survey out on Sunday

We asked people how they will vote in June’s European election and who they trust most between Robert Abela and Bernard Grech • The results will be out on Sunday

Robert Abela and Bernard Grech
Robert Abela and Bernard Grech

MaltaToday’s first survey of 2024 has polled people on their voting preferences for next June’s European election and will be published on Sunday.

The survey is the first to start tracking what voters intend to do when the election for Malta’s six MEPs is held on 8 June.

Apart from the support enjoyed by the political parties, the survey will include a breakdown of the numbers by age group, region, income, educational background and political allegiance.

The survey also includes the Trust Barometer, which measures the trust rating of Robert Abela and Bernard Grech.

We also publish the results of the Government Performance Barometer, a new gauge introduced last year that rates the administration’s performance on a scale between 0 and 5.

The MaltaToday survey will be out on Sunday in the print edition.