New reductions in medicines, up to 39% for cholestorol reduction drug

The Office of the Prime Minister announces new reductions in the prices of medicines.

The parliamentary secretariat for consumers and fair competition announced new reductions in 29 drugs that will be added to the list of 62, which have had prices reduced over the past tw months.

The decreases range from 4 to 39% of the original prices. Seven products will decrease by 4-10%, another 17 by 11-20%, and four products will incure a 30% reduction.

The cholestoral-reducing drug Simvacor was reduced by 39% from €17 down to €10.

The new reduced medicines mainly treat heart conditions, high blood pressure, cholestoral, stomach ulcers and acidity, and skin inflammations like prosiasis.

Other products such as the Fucithlamic eye-drops were reduced by 20%.

Parliamentary secretary Chris Said said the reductions will continue, adding that these were leavig positive effects on the price index as recorded by the National Statistics office.

Since the first list of reduced medicines, 315 inspections were conducted at pharmacies, to ensure all reductions were effected.

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