[SURVEY] Voter apathy gives hunters vital edge

MaltaToday survey on spring hunting shows electorate equally split between both the 'Yes' and 'No' camps

The electorate is equally split between those who want to keep the derogation allowing hunting in spring and those who oppose its retention.

This emerges from the first MaltaToday survey on the spring hunting referendum since the announcement of its holding date in April, and the question needing to be answered.

The survey, which has a sample of 600 respondents, was held between Monday and Thursday.

The survey shows the ‘Yes’ (allowing spring hunting) camp leading by a percentage point, an advantage which falls squarely within the survey’s four-point margin of error, which effectively means that both sides may actually be enjoying a slight advantage.

The latest result contradicts previous surveys showing a substantial lead by the anti spring hunting camp. 

Opposition to the spring hunting derogation has declined sharply from 60% in July, 2013 to just 38% now.

On the other hand support for retaining the derogation permitting spring hunting has risen from 28% to 40%.

This suggests that although a strong majority opposes spring hunting in principle, political considerations and apathy among ‘no’ voters have given a boost to the ‘yes’ lobby.

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