AD recalls EU motto ‘united in diversity’, urges people to vote

Alternattiva Demokratika –The Green Party has reiterated its call and urged people to go out and vote in the divorce referendum on May 28.

Addressing a press conference in front of the Electoral Commission building in Valletta, AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio urged people to vote.

“[We] are confident the referendum can be won, if people stand up and be counted,” Briguglio said. “We strongly appeal those who are in favour of the introduction of divorce to vote Yes in the referendum.”

Briguglio argued that abstention from voting can play in the hands of the fundamentalists who want Malta to remain without this basic civil right. He also encouraged those who do not agree with divorce but do not want to prohibit others from this right, to vote yes in the referendum.

“Those who want to deny divorce to the thousands who need this civil right should not be allowed to win,” Briguglio said.

AD Deputy Chairperson and Spokesperson for Civil Rights Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer said one should vote ‘yes’ because adults have a right to make their own decisions on whether they want to “stay single, to remarry or to cohabit with their new partner once their previous marriage has irrevocably failed. 

“Divorce is a civil right which is being denied to a number of people who are not in a position to obtain it from abroad. Malta is the only country in the world where divorce is not granted by the courts but where divorce obtained from many other countries is recognised by the state.”

Arnold Cassola, AD Spokesperson on EU and International Affairs, said: "Alternattiva Demokratika is asking the Maltese people to live up to the motto - 'United in diversity' - of the European Union which we joined seven years ago.” 

Cassola said people might have different beliefs but one should be tolerant of the beliefs of others, even if they are different.   

“Voting ‘YES’ at the referendum will also be a respectful sign of tolerance of those who do not necessarily share your beliefs, but who are in need of your help to be able to start afresh in life,” Cassola urged.

Take away our hearts of stone, and give us a heart of flesh. A Yes Vote to implement a caring, concerned and compassionate response to marital breakdowns. I hope that you will make every effect to give a resounding YES on the 28th of May to civil rights, compassion,generosity and courageous concern banning Umbrellas does not stop rain Banning Divorce Does Not stop Marital Breakdown. Stay Away from the FUNDAMENTALISTS , Either of a political or religion. They are wolves dressed like sheep, to infiltrate among you. They are full of hatred, hearts of stone, that gets heavier , always ,till they cannot take it no more..