The Today debate at The Palace, Tuesday 6pm

Join us for another debate on the upcoming divorce referendum at The Palace Hotel, Sliema.

Entry is free at The Palace Hotel, Sliema where the Today debate will host Deborah Schembri from Moviment Iva, and Robert Tufigno from Zwieg Bla Divorzju will be taking questions from the general public. editor Matthew Vella will be moderating a question and answer session with the two represenattives.

For more information, contact MaltaToday on 21382741.

The Today debate takes place on Tuesday, 23 May, 6pm.

Well done Malta Today for organising this event. In truth, it should be televised.
For marriage to be elevated / downgraded (take your pick) to a ‘sacrament’, it has to be a contract made between two parties and a collective - with one party (the collective) being more powerful than the other two. . DO PEOPLE REALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LETTING THEMSELVES IN FOR WHEN THEY MARRY LIKE THIS?
Proposition for debate: . Current Roman Catholic marriages have no value as a contract as the contract fraudulently includes a hierarchy of men posing as GOD.