Moviment Graffiti welcomes win of ‘Yes’ vote

Moviment Graffiti has welcomed the results of the divorce referendum and called on Members of Parliament to adhere to the  decision of the voters.

In a statement, Moviment Graffiti spokesman Chris Mizzi said the group “heartily” welcomes the results of the divorce referendum. “[We] strongly appeal members of parliament to now reflect the wishes of the people when voting in parliament.”

Mizzi also called on government to immediately start working on the process for the introduction of divorce.

“Moviment Graffitti believes that the results are a clear triumph for those who need the introduction of divorce in order to regularize their relationships and continue on with the life,” Mizzi said.

“But the triumph is also for all of those who believe that government should ensure the full protection of people’s fundamental human rights, including those of minorities.”

He added that the result of the referendum is also a reflection of people’s wishes that there should be a clear separation between church and state, and that reason and common sense should prevail over religious indoctrination in social and political matters.