AD launches ‘AlternattIVA’ divorce referendum logo

 AD launches appeal to “happily married couples” to give persons whose marriage has broke down a “second chance to find happiness”.

Green party Alternattiva Demokratika today launched its AlternattiIVA logo for the divorce referendum campaign.

AD Chairperson Michael Briguglio, said AD is launching its slogan for the divorce referendum urging all those in favour of the introduction of divorce as well as those who do not agree with divorce but do not want to prohibit others from this right, to vote yes in the referendum.

“Those who want to deny divorce to the thousands who need this civil right should not be allowed to prevail.

“AD appeals to the Broadcasting Authority to ensure that, as was the case in the run-up to the EU referendum, all civil society organisations are represented in the debates and airtime on state television.

“We also appeal to the Electoral Commission to ensure that there is fair civil society representation in the counting process during the referendum,” Briguglio said.

Yvonne Arqueros Ebejer, deputy chairperson, said AD was pleased that  parliament has voted in favour of a referendum and a just question, “though it is  shameful that certain  politicians are playing with words to manipulate the whole issue and misinform the public what divorce is all about.”

“Divorce is the dissolution of a failed marriage. It is useless to beat about the bush because with or without divorce legislation a failed marriage will simply remain a failed marriage with all its repercussions. AD has always been in favour of this civil right because people have a right to choose how to live their lives, and to start afresh, whether by re-marrying or remaining single, after their marriage has irrevocably failed.

“The possibility to divorce  should exist in a liberal and representative democracy like Malta. It is up to the individual to decide whether to make use of it or not.”

Arnold Cassola, AD spokesperson for EU and International Affairs, said happily married people in the EU had already tipped the balance in favour of divorce legislation. “AD appeals to all happily married couples in Malta to give an opportunity to those persons who were not so lucky and whose marriage has irretrievably broken down, to be given the chance, if they so wish, to divorce and find happiness through a second marriage.”

Fantastic effort from the only party that has taken a clear and consistent stand on divorce. It's pointless debating whether Labour are progressive and pro-divorce because they are not! What will Carmelo Abela, Marie Luise Coleiro, Joe Debono Grech and other Labour MPs who are against divorce do? Will they campaign against their leader? It's obvious that Labour is only giving lip service to those who want the introduction of divorce. AD is the only option for progressive policies in parliament, whether RJ likes it or not.
@the squirrel: you must be kiddin right? The logo is their name? err...
Grzegorz Tomski
Prosit lill-AD, kampanja bis-sens.
This referendum is useless. The free vote to MPs was a better call. Of course, not under conservative rule as it would never have passed.
*AD has always been in favour of this civil right because" people have a right to choose how to live their lives"* Yes I Believe , that every maltese citizen knows and has the RIGHT ,top choose how he lives his life. This referendum is moving too slow, Seems like dead. The church is doing more than any other , on the divorce issue... Seems like it's a Funeral. RESIST OR SERVE!
So AD is trying to get all the political points it can out of this. Even associated the yes vote with its party's name. Cheeky.