MGRM endorses the pro-divorce movement

The Malta Gay Rights Movement backs the pro-divorce movement’s stand that divorce is a civil right and should therefore be legally available to all Maltese.

The MGRM said that whilst it embraces a wider definition of family that is not restricted to the institution of marriage, it supports the right of two consenting adults to enter into a civil marriage and to terminate this arrangement when the relationship, for whatever reason, breaks down.

It said that is opposes the concept of “a nanny state” which determines for how long adults should love each other: “This is a choice that lies solely with the individuals concerned. Once a marriage has irretrievably broken down then the possibility of re-marriage should be made available with all its attendant rights and obligations.”

Whilst recognising that children need to be adequately cared for, the MGRM holds that this applies in all cases, irrespective of the relationship status of the parents involved.

“Parents should provide for their children whether they are married, separated, cohabiting, divorced, remarried or hold any other status,” it said, adding that the current legislation already provides for the maintenance of children where a relationship has broken down.

The movement also said that where a parent has chosen to forego a career in order to carry out child caring duties, this should be adequately compensated for by the other parent on separation or divorce.

“This should occur for as long as the child rearing obligations prevent the parent from entering into employment and sustaining themselves financially,” it stressed.