Schembri accuses anti-divorce lobby of employing fear tactics

Moviment Iva chairperson Deborah Schembri has accused the anti-divorce lobby Zwieg bla Divorzju of running its campaign on “fear and misinformation”.

She said that billboards by the no camp saying that the pro divorce lobby was promoting marriages “with an expiry date” were misinforming the public.

She said the referendum on the 28 May is not about "divorce without reason."  “Marriages that are over have a reason to be over,” Schembri said. "We are forgetting the people who are living through broken marriages. They are the ones who need to see the introduction of divorce." 

The message the no campaign are giving is that you can either be in favour of the family and against divorce or in favour of divorce and against the family. 

She pointed to claims by no divorce spokespersons Austin Bencini, who claimed divorce will bring about a reduction in alimony; and Joyce Cassar who claimed that women would have to support abusive ex-husbands if divorce is introduced.

“They are lies. The introduction of divorce will  not change any obligation related to maintenance as in the case of separation. Such statements are confusing the public and use fear as the basis of their campaign, because they are no valid reasons against divorce,” Schembri said.

Lest we forget. When Eddie FA was asked what would happen if the EU referendum was defeated, he simply replied,"We'll try again". What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Although I believe that this is not a question to be settled by a referendum , but it is the duty of the government to give those opting for civil marriages the right to divorce. This has nothing to do with religion. If you are a Catholic and feel you should not divorce, no-one will be compelling you to divorce your partner, as today no-one is compelling anyone to apply for an annulment or a separation. The saintly Karm Mifsud Bonnici declared that by the end of this year a Co-habitation legislation will be presented in Parliament. I think he is trying to deceive the electorate. He is telling the electorate,"Do not worry. Forget divorce. We will serve you with a law very similar to divorce ". After all, what's in a name, as long as it is not DIVORCE ?. In my opinion, once the divorce referendum fails to make it, our saintly minister will forget his promise as so many of their promises have been forgotten. Do not let them deceive you.
After the referendum , a yes or no vote, this must not be all. This referendum should just to see the people's opinions. This is not a matter like when Malta voted to be in EU or not. This is just a civil right. Why some people are so EGOIST SELFISH? what if it will be your son or your daughter who will be traited and abandoned ? And her man or his wife , would have allreday starteed a new family. would you be happy to know that your daughter or your son , to the current law is still seemed as married? I wish those that will vote NO , will pass from these in the future, so they will learn , cause some people deserves , so they will learn. Your hearts of full of - negativity, so your heart is full of hatred , greed, selfishness, And the worst one is the Goverment which is letting the Roman catholic church run the country