Prime Minister to miss University debate due to state-related commitments

Unless the leaders’ debate at the University of Malta is rescheduled, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will not be attending as it clashes with the state visit of Ukraine’s President

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has confirmed he won’t be able to attend a leaders’ debate being organised at the University of Malta, as it clashes with the Ukrainian President’s official visit to Malta.

Both the debate and the state visit have been scheduled for next Tuesday and attempts by the Office of the Prime Minister to reschedule the leaders’ debate have proved to be futile.

The leaders’ debate, hosted by the University of Malta’s Debating Union, will include PN leader Simon Busuttil, PD leader Marlene Farrugia and Alternattiva Demokratika leader Arnold Cassola.

According to the Office of the Prime Minister, the debating union has been adamant that the date and time of the debate were not up for discussion and thus “non-negotiable”.

“We were presented with a take it or leave it situation,” Muscat said when asked by reporters why he would not be attending.

He said that the Ukrainian President’s visit programme had been confirmed for months.

Muscat said he had other “days and weeks” during which he would be available for students.