Muscat: ‘Four years of economic growth, investment are your guarantee of stable future’

In Paola, Labour leader Joseph Muscat insists that disgruntled voters should not abstain on Election Day

Labour leader Joseph Muscat (Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday)
Labour leader Joseph Muscat (Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday)

With 10 days to go for Election Day, Labour leader Joseph Muscat descended on a crowded Paola square pushing for a Labour win: “Do you want the politics of the past where politicians fail to keep their word or our politics whether the public got a taste of what we can achieve when we deliver on our promises. Whilst others said high utility bills, we send in cheques.”

To the disgruntled voters, Muscat reiterated that those who don’t go out to vote would only be “laying out the red carpet for Marlene Farrugia and Simon Busuttil”.

He made a list of measures that the PL in government had delivered, despite statements by the PN prior to the 2013 elections that the promises would not be kept.

“But we did deliver and we will continue to deliver because our country now affords. We promise to leave you more disposable income and money which you can save for your children,” Muscat said.

The Labour leader insisted that it was important to pass on the message that it was instability that scared away investment and endangered jobs. According to Muscat, if elected, the PN-PD coalition would result in an unstable government.

“They can’t even agree between themselves on spring hunting or the motor racetrack… just imagine them him [Simon Busuttil] wanting one thing and her [Marlene Farrugia] wanting another. Just imagine a weak prime minister, with one-seat majority, that dismantles all that we have built together.”

The Prime Minister said that never as much as the past four years did Malta flourish, with record high employment levels and property sold.

“Like they tried to scare you away from us four years ago, they are doing the same today. But you know that they have been proven wrong. Only stability and certainty can bring investment to our country.”

According to Muscat, stability could only be ensured if the Labour government is re-elected to a second term: “This can only be achieved by voting for all PL candidates.”

On Egrant allegation, the Labour leader reiterated that the truth will out.