PD lays out plans for constitutional reform

Partit Demokratiku publishes plans for constitutional reform in an attempt to improve good governance 

Partit Demokratiku has called for constitutional reform to boost good governance
Partit Demokratiku has called for constitutional reform to boost good governance

The Partit Demokratiku has published details of the proposed constitutional reform included in its coalition agreement with the Nationalist Party.

Addressing a press conference outside Parliament, PD deputy leader Anthony Buttigieg said that the constitutional reform will see all leaders of independent or autonomous institutions, including that of President of the Republic, elected by two-third majority in the House.

The Constitutional Court will be considered supreme and will be able to declare laws passed in Parliament as unconstitutional.

Only ministries, and not and regulatory and autonomous state bodies, will be able to employ people on a position of trust basis.

MPs will be given a choice whether to serve on a full-time or part-time basis, while no MP will be allowed to serve on the boards on authorities or agencies so as to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Elsewhere, a PN-PD government will immediately appoint a Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, introduce weekly Prime Ministerial Questions in Parliament, and boost the Permanent Commission Against Corruption by appointing a sub-committee within the body.  

Maltese expats will also no longer have to travel to Malta to vote in elections and referenda, but will be able to cast a vote in their countries of residence. 

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