Louis Grech: ‘It was an honour and a privilege to serve you'

Deputy prime minister Louis Grech in final appeal to the electorate: ‘I am sure that you want a country led by people who don’t bank on spin and tribalism’

Deputy prime minister Louis Grech (Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday)
Deputy prime minister Louis Grech (Photo: Chris Mangion/MediaToday)

Deputy prime minister Louis Grech and deputy leader for party affairs Chris Cardona urge the electorate to vote for the Labour party, in the final pitch before the country goes to the polls next Saturday.

“It’s been an honour and a privilege to serve this country,” Grech said.

Addressing the thousands of supporters gathered in Hal Far, Grech said the sea of people gathered was representative of what the country was feeling.

“You welcomed us in your towns and villages which continued to give us great enthusiasm… let us not lose this momentum and let’s give this government led by Joseph Muscat another mandate,” he said.

Grech, who will not be contesting the election but has agreed to continue forming part of the team as a consultant to Muscat’s Cabinet, said the government had admitted done mistakes, but the scales tilted towards the good carried out.

“I will not justify our mistakes by reminding all the wrongdoings carried out by the PN. We do not pontificate as if we were the only ones who knew what’s right or wrong or what the people want… because ultimately, you are the ones who decide us.”

Grech said they knew they weren’t infallible and that no government had placed itself under the scrutiny of others, as much as the Labour government.

The deputy prime minister that only a Labour government could ensure the principles of equality and social justice.

“This party was and remains the catalyst of change that creates so much good and wealth for the country. The country will continue believing in us not just because the PN opposition has no strategy and vision but because you know that the Labour government has a clear strategy for country, ensuring stability.

“I am sure that you all want a country where the fight is between those who can better improve the country and not those who bank on spin and tribalism. Because people, irrespective of their political colour, share the same dreams and sorrows, the same ambitions and the desire to take the country forward.

Deputy leader for party affairs, Chris Cardona
Deputy leader for party affairs, Chris Cardona

“The choice is clear: the country must choose Joseph Muscat.”

Labour deputy leader Chris Cardona said he was confident that the electorate will send a message of “appreciation and love” for Muscat.

Cardona was speaking as the Prime Minister made his way into the Hal Far racing rack.

“This campaign was marked by the optimistic, positive and ambitious message of the Labour Party, against the message of hatred and envy of the Nationalist party,” he said, arguing that this was the result of the four years of Labour’s hard work which left the PN unable to keep up.

Cardona said that the government worked hard on bringing investment to the country, with job creation that continued unabated.

The deputy leader, who has served as the minister for the economy under the Muscat administration, said the manufacturing industry continued attracting investment.

Cardona said that Simon Busuttil cannot be trusted: “Just ask the DB Group and the fake invoices. We are the party of love… don’t stop believing in Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.”

Thanking Muscat for giving him, and his Cabinet colleagues, the opportunity to serve for the country, Cardona said the Prime Minister changed the face of the country “making it the envy of others”.