Abela shrugs off criticism over €100 cheques... ‘we’re sending cheques all year round!’

Lower taxes, more pensions, and cheques all year round: Robert Abela talks about ‘beating socialist heart’ in Mellieħa rally

Robert Abela
Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela has pledged a €15 weekly increase to pensions, in a near-doubling of the €8 weekly increase made in the previous legislature.

In a speech largely aimed at elderly voters, Abela told his audience at a Mellieħa rally that the choice between Labour and the PN was a choice between a government who would increase pensions, and one that had frozen pension increases for 25 years. “That is the past, and we are the future. We increased and will continue to increase pensions.”

“Bernard Grech is the face of the past. We want to give pensioners more cheques. The PN used to be proud in voting in favour of increasing taxes; we will continue to lower them,” he told supporters.

Under fire for distributing promised pre-electoral cheques of €100 and €200 to the public as part of a post-COVID transfer payment, during the campaign, Abela downplayed the criticism and boasted: “We send cheques every year, not just when the election comes around.”

But he then said that “the heart of a socialist party does not rest when it knows there are people who are still in need, and that is why focused on certain sectors, including pensioners.”

‘Grech’s biggest thrashing’

In a hard-hitting speech, candidate and minister Julia Farrugia Portelli slammed the PN for “disrespecting their own candidates”. 

“Following his candidature withdrawal, Mario Galea said they even called out his mental health. Imagine what they would do to us Labourites,” she said. 

On reports surrounding Robert Abela’s refusal to participate in political debates, Farrugia Portelli said they would be going up against each other on the biggest platform – contention for the fifth district. 

“Bernard Grech said Robert Abela is afraid to debate against him. Robert Abela will be contesting in the same district you will be contesting, and he will give you the biggest thrashing in your political career,” she said.