[WATCH] PN’s waiver for contraventions: Grech plays down ‘anarchy’ effect

PN leader refutes suggestion that waiving contraventions after a six-month clean record is irresponsible says it gives people a chance to learn from mistakes 

PN Leader Bernard Grech (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)
PN Leader Bernard Grech (Photo: James Bianchi/MaltaToday)

PN leader Bernard Grech has refuted suggestions that his proposal to waive traffic contraventions after six months would lead to “anarchy on the roads”. 

On Wednesday, the Nationalist Party proposed waiving traffic contraventions after six months if motorists commit no further infractions. 

“This is not an irresponsible proposal. We want to incentivise responsible communities and give people a chance to learn from their mistakes,” Grech said.   

The PN leader also said the party wants the opportunity to be given to those who commit minor infractions, such as bad parking, to learn from their mistakes and refrain from repeating them. 

Grech was visiting the market stalls in Birżebbuġa on Thursday morning, where he greeted the hawkers and the residents of the locality. The party’s electoral programme will be presented on Thursday evening as the PN holds its General Council meeting. 

“We are laying down a clear vision of how we can create more wealth and put more money in people’s pockets. The PN understands that the rising cost-of-living is reality, and through our proposals, we will be addressing the issue.” 

Grech mentioned the importance of a good quality of life, which also means more green and recreational zones for the families.  

As part of its electoral campaign, Grech pledged the largest afforestation investment in Malta’s history. 

“To improve the quality of life of our citizens, we will be investing in more green areas, where our families, children, and the elderly have more open spaces to enjoy,” Grech said. 

Asked how this project would be done and the time frame, Grech did not give details. He only said that this will not be done overnight and will be done in such a way as not to create a nuisance on the roads and increase traffic.