[WATCH] PN general council approves 2022 electoral manifesto

The Nationalist Party is holding an extraordinary general council to approve its manifesto for the 26 March general election

Nationalist leader Bernard Grech addressing the general council
Nationalist leader Bernard Grech addressing the general council

The Nationalist Party has approved its manifesto for the 26 March general election, during the party’s extraordinary general council on Thursday. 

“With our list of candidates, and manifesto, we are now calling on people to make their voice heard and contribute to a better country,” Nationalist leader Bernard Grech said in his concluding speech. 

He said the PN’s team of candidates is ready to “bring about a positive change in the country.”

“But first we have to change the government,” Grech told those present. “It will forever be known as the most corrupt and abusive government in the country’s history.”

He said the general election is not the end, but “merely the beginning of Malta’s new chapter.”

“We want to serve all the citizens of our country. We will work as a team, and not be some group of people holed up in an ivory tower. We will remain humble,” Grech said. 

He said the manifesto is the product of countless discussions and debates with civil society, social partners and different sections of society. “We want to be at the centre of a paradigm shift in the country.”

Grech said the party has never been afraid to bring about a radical change in the country. “The PN was always here for Malta.”

“Despite its success in the past, we are not a party without defects, and for our mistakes, we apologised. We know that we should learn from our mistakes, and have to move forward,” he said. 

The PN leader also praised Roberta Metsola’s work in the European Parliament. “A Maltese woman, and a Nationalist, now leads the one of the country’s biggest institutions.”

He also expressed solidarity with Ukraine, saying Malta should its best to help the people fleeing war. “Malta can be neutral from a military perspective, but we must do our utmost to help the people of Ukraine in the best way we can.”

Claudio Grech

Claudio Grech said the Nationalist Party will be presenting more than 700 measures during the 2022 General Election campaign. 

He said this election’s manifesto is based on the same social spirit that guided the PN more than three decades ago. 

“When we were drawing up the manifesto, we looked back at manifestos stretching back to even 30 years ago, and the social spirit which guided the PN then, guides the party now,” he said. We are not perfect, but our heart is in the right place.”

Grech touched on several proposals which will be presented throughout the campaign.  “IVF will be free for everyone. We don’t work with schemes. We don’t want ‘thankyous’ from parents. That is the politics of the past.”

“When they ask us where we will get the money, we will tell them that we will not burn money on the film festival, we will not spend a quarter of a million euro on someone who will come here to ridicule our country,” he told those present. 

He also praised Bernard Grech’s sacrifice in becoming party leader. “He came and gave up everything, because he wants to see a better Malta.”

“Bernard Grech believes that this country shouldn’t be a country of red and blue, but a united one,” he said. 

Mark Anthony Sammut 

Opening the general council, president Mark Anthony Sammut said voters are not going to decide between the two parties’ manifestos, but to decide on the country’s future. 

He said the Labour government not only did not create new industries, but jeopardized sectors created by former Nationalist governments. 

General Council President Mark Anthony Sammut
General Council President Mark Anthony Sammut

“Yes, the economy grew, but what was the price we paid? Wages have been frozen, the cost of living has skyrocketed, property prices have exploded,” he said. 

David Agius 

Deputy leader David Agius said the PN is the party of “hope”.

“We have a vision, and we are excited to make it happen. The country deserves to start fresh,” he said. 

He said the PN has a team of dedicated candidates which are ready to sacrifice for the country. 

“Let us all unite behind the leader Bernard Grech so that we start a fresh page for the country,” Agius said. 

Robert Arrigo

Addressing the general council, deputy leader Robert Arrigo called on leader Bernard Grech, former leader Adrian Delia, secretary general Michael Picinino and former secretary general Francis Zammit Dimech to come on stage to take a photo. 

“This will show everyone – we are not divided, we are here for you, we are here for Malta,” he said. 

Arrigo said the party has showed it was prepared for the election. “We were the first to hold the rally, we were the first to publish our manifesto, and we are ready.”

The PN's full manifesto can be accessed here