Incentives for Gozitan businesses up by 10% as a general rule - Robert Abela

The Labour Party pledges that as a general rule, Gozitan businesses benefit from a 10% increase on any incentive those in Malta get

Prime Minister Robert Abela on Saturday (Photo: PL)
Prime Minister Robert Abela on Saturday (Photo: PL)

Under a new Labour government, Gozitan businesses will get a 10% increase on any incentive Maltese businesses get, Prime Minister Robert Abela said.

Abela was interviewed in Victoria, Gozo on Saturday evening. He spoke of the European Council meeting he had to attend earlier in the week, in view of the military attack by Russia on its neighbour Ukraine.

The Prime Minister said the heads of states spoke of peace, and in favour of life and the Ukrainian people.

“As we 've done during the pandemic, we will take all the steps necessary to protect our citizens, irrespective of the circumstances,” Abela said.

Abela said the Ukraine crisis led to exponential increase in energy prices, with many governments “shifting the burden onto their people”. He stated the Maltese government managed to keep the energy prices stable.

He called PN leader Bernard Grech "irresponsible" for calling for the ban on Russian citizens from obtaining Maltese citizenship through the golden passports scheme.

“Grech is practically saying that those of a Russian origin, are bad people. This type of discourse is highly irresponsible and breeds division. He has no competence to lead the country,” Abela said.

Abela touched upon the environmental projects announced during the week, including the one to convert a car park in Victoria to a garden and a football ground, with an incorporated multi-level underground car park.

“The main priority for this government will now be that families are able to enjoy their free time […] If we aspire for a better quality of life, the economic development should be complimented by environmental projects.”

Asked on the measure announced this week, that a PL government would pay a yearly €1,000 for 10 years to first-time buyers who take a mortgage, Abela confirmed that this is over and above the other schemes, including the €30,000 grant to those purchasing a property in an urban conservation area in Gozo.

This measure will be effective as of 1 January 2022 and will not be means tested, Abela said.

During the event, the Labour Party presented the candidates for the 13th district; who are Joe Etienne Abela, Abigail Camilleri, current Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri, George Paul Camilleri, current Agriculture Minister Anton Refalo and Christian Zammit.