'You are not to blame for the party’s past shortcomings,' Abela tells supporters

Prime Minister Robert Abela returns to the Corradino Sports Pavilion, the place where he held his first political event as Labour Party leader after taking over from Joseph Muscat in 2020 

Prime Minister Robert Abela (Photos: Ray Attard/Mediatoday)
Prime Minister Robert Abela (Photos: Ray Attard/Mediatoday)

Prime Minister Robert Abela said the Labour Party understands its past shortcomings, but must now look to the future. 

“Yes, we could have done better, and you are not to blame for the party’s past shortcomings,” he told supporters at the packed Corradino Sports Pavilion.

He said in January 2020 he became party leader “to help the party learn from its mistakes.”

“I wasn’t perfect, but now is the time to look to the future so we don’t lose what have achieved,” Abela said. 

Turning his sights towards the situation in Ukraine, Abela said the PL was always a political force “which believed in peace.”

“Despite its size, the country was always on the right side of history,” he said. “We value our neutrality because we want to continue pushing for peace.”

He said the current situation in Ukraine highlights the need for the country to have “good and stable leadership.” 

“We need good leadership to face the storm,” he said, making reference to his leadership during the pandemic. “That is why the WHO regional director described us as ‘champions’ in how we handled the pandemic.”

He also thanked frontliners, business owners and workers for their efforts. “You are the true champions of the pandemic.”

Abela accused the PN of trying to use the pandemic for political leverage. 

“In the time, the country was supposed to be united, they were more divided among themselves,” he said, mentioning how the PN changed its leadership back in 2020. 

The PM also said the country’s reforms are leaving results, mentioning the FATF’S latest statements that Malta has completed its action plan.

“That is why now, more than ever, we must stand united, so as to not risk what we have achieved,” he said. “Go vote, because the PN will interpret voter abstention as a victory.”

Addressing the event, Labour party portal journal.mt editor Randolph Debatista, called on people to “go out and vote”. 

“To remain silent, to stay home, to risk losing what we have already achieved is not the solution,” he said. “I understand there are people who are sceptical, and we know we made mistakes.”

“But Robert Abela makes us a better version of ourselves,” he said. “In the face of scepticism, we must continue sowing hope in people.”

He also called on party supporters to not allow the PN to divide them. 

“This movement does not care where you came from, the colour of your skin, how you voted, where you live,” he said.