PN proposes €40 million national fund to ease import and export costs

Nationalist government will create a fund to ease import and export costs for businesses

Jason Azzopardi (left), Peter Agius (centre) and Noel Muscat
Jason Azzopardi (left), Peter Agius (centre) and Noel Muscat

The Nationalist Party is proposing a national fund of €40 million to ease the costs for imports and exports, Jason Azzopardi said on Wednesday.

The PN candidate said the fund would help cushion the impact of travel costs on Malta's competitiveness.

Azzopardi said the fund, which was welcomed by the Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber of SMEs, would offset added expenses that Maltese industries have had to pay each year.

He said that the price of carrying goods in containers makes up 20% of the import and export cost for Maltese enterprise, which is high when compared to countries like Belgium and Italy where such costs are 2% and 5% respectively.

Azzopardi also added that the PN has proposed investing in an international intermodal hub that connects transportation modes such as air and sea.

PN spokesperson Peter Agius said that a PN government would solve the problems related to the import-export sector to address the high cost of living on families.

Candidate Noel Muscat said that customs would be strengthened and modernised to eliminate bureaucracy, if the PN is elected to government.

‘Labour claims are fake news’

Asked about the Labour Party’s claim that the PN would axe tax refund cheques, Azzopardi said this was ‘fake news.’

The candidate referred to the party’s manifesto which speaks of a system of tax credits, apart from lowering the top rate for those who earn between €60,000 and €80,000. Azzopardi criticised the Labour Party for not having put their own manifesto up yet.