Gender reassignment surgery to be provided for free under a Labour government

PL Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef announces plans by the party to hold a national discussion on euthanasia

PL Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef
PL Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef

Labour Party Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef announced that gender reassignment surgeries will be provided for free under a new Labour government.

Micallef was speaking at a PL rally in Siggiewi on Wednesday evening.

“We will keep on broadening the services to transgender people, with gender reassignment surgery being added to the list of the free services offered,” Micallef said.

He also announced that a centre for LGBTIQ+ services would open in Malta.

Micallef announced that in government PL would lead a national discussion on voluntary euthanasia for people with terminal illnesses. “A mature discussion on such a sensitive subject is much needed as I am aware there are mixed opinions about it in this very room.”

He also announced the opening of a new trade institute at MCAST, which would be providing accredited training in collaboration with the industry.

“It was a mistake to do away with the trade schools. We need to address the skill gaps and offer training in manual trades, which are slowly dying out. Employers are constantly telling us how difficult it is to find skilled young people,” Micallef said.

Micallef said there was a need for a serious discussion to be held on homework at school, in consensus with teachers, parents and children.

“We are speaking about the formation and life of children. We don’t want children to be excessively burdened with work after school and we want them to have a better quality of life,” Micallef said.