PN tram to run on six circular lines from Birżebbuġa to Ċirkewwa

System to incorporate nine hubs, 13 interchanges and 47 stops, covering 48 localities

The PN proposal for a trackless tram would run on a circular six-line system, from Birżebbuġa to Ċirkewwa for a total of 48 localities, 24 hours a day.

In a press conference on Saturday morning, PN candidate Toni Bezzina explained there would be nine hubs, 13 interchanges and 47 stops.

The PN is proposing a trackless tram of the latest technology for a mass transport system, explaining it would only be going through arterial and distributary routes, through a dedicated lane.

The planned routes of the trackless tram (Photo:PN)
The planned routes of the trackless tram (Photo:PN)

“A new study would be conducted to redistribute the carriage ways and make out a dedicated lane through the existing ones,” Bezzina said when asked whether further lanes would have to be constructed.

The tram reaches a velocity of 70-75 kilometre per hour but according to Bezzina the idea is for them to go at around 50km/hr, in order to project the time taken between one stop and the other.  Bezzina also said the tram could carry around 300 to 500 people at one go. 

The planned routes of the trackless tram (Photo:PN)
The planned routes of the trackless tram (Photo:PN)

“The idea is to reduce the traffic problem in the country and to reach everyone from those going to work in the morning, students and those going to hospital. We are encouraging more people to make use of public transport instead of using their private car,” Bezzina said. 

He emphasised that the trackless tram system provides control over the routes and would keep on working for 24 hours a day. 

Bezzina said there would be a system of feeder lines based on regions and would be picking up passengers from the village cores and stops, to transport them onto the tram. 

He sounded confident that when people would use the service, they would be ditching their cars. Bezzina stated the current public transport service was not offering the most reliable service. 

“There is a stark difference between the tram we are proposing and the metro system proposed by the Labour Party, since the tram would not be generating the amount of waste the metro would. Our system is more environmentally friendly.” 

PN candidate Janice Chetcuti that chairs PN Greens, emphasised the tram proposal was offering an economic, quiet, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to Malta’s traffic problems. 

“The trackless tram will not be generating any noise pollution and would be alleviating anxiety that comes with traffic congestions,” Chetcuti said. 

She stated the project would not be invasive and the road widening that had been already completed by the Labour government would be utilised, with no further trees chopped down and no underground digging conducted.  Chetcuti also said the system would be complementing the cycling lanes. 

“This is part of a holistic plan for cleaner air. PN has already pledged a €10,000 grant for those that give up their car, cheaper electricity through electric vehicle charging points and the freeing up of 50,000sq.m of ODZ land every year,” Chetcuti said. 

PN candidate Frederick Aquilina said most students have to get up early in order to make it in time for their lectures and praised the study conducted by the party. 

“We have to make sure the economy is sustainable to make sure youths get a better quality of life. I want our party to leave a better country for future generations,” Aquilina said.