Voter turnout keeps nudging up as PL leads with just under 27,000 votes

MaltaToday rolling survey published 18 March | PL 53.3%; PN 44.7%; Others 2%

The Labour Party remains ahead in the polls with a margin of 26,673 votes over the Nationalist Party as voter turnout keeps nudging up, MaltaToday’s rolling survey shows.

The accumulated results as at 8pm on Thursday 17 March showed the PL having 53.3% and the PN 44.7%. Third parties collectively registered 2% of the vote.

Very minute changes were recorded as a result of a slight increase in the share of valid votes. All changes remain well within the margin of error of 2% on a sample base of 2,340 respondents.

According to the survey, the share of valid votes stood at 86.8%, an upward tick of 0.1 points over the previous data set from Wednesday. This is the highest it has ever been throughout the election campaign and could suggest that the respective parties’ efforts to bring out the vote may be leaving positive results.

The share of valid votes is the basis on which a general election is determined and in 2017 this stood at 90.9% of eligible voters.

The trust barometer showed Robert Abela with a trust score of 43.6%, a decline of 0.2 points on the previous day, and Bernard Grech with a score of 30.6%, an upward movement of 0.2 points.

The next update will be published on Sunday with a breakdown of the data.

What we do

A base survey with a sample size of 597 was released on Sunday 27 February. This survey was carried out between 21 and 26 February.

Polling will continue everyday between Monday and Friday. The daily tallies will boost the sample size in this rolling survey and enable us to re-calculate the data on progressively larger samples. Results from the last polling day on Friday will be published in the print edition on Sunday.

Care is taken to ensure that daily samples are as representative as they can be of the general population, reflecting gender, age, regional distribution and past voting patterns.

The results based on the accumulated tally comprising the previous day’s results are published at 8:30am on the MaltaToday home page.