'Every lost vote takes us back to the politics of the past' - Robert Abela

Prime Minister Robert Abela continues to rally voters to show up on 26 March and vote early

Prime Minister Robert Abela (Photo: PL)
Prime Minister Robert Abela (Photo: PL)

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that every lost vote by the Labour Party was not just a vote for PN but a vote that took Malta to the politics of the past.

“Every lost vote is a vote that takes us back to the past. Let’s send a clear message that this country is doing away with the politics of the past and want to move forward,” Robert Abela said.

He did however take Malta back by using the phrase “together nothing is impossible”, which is nothing but a wordplay of the 2008 PN slogan of “together everything is possible”.

During a rally in Paola on Tuesday evening, Abela continued appealing to all voters to show up early to vote on 26 March and ignore the surveys that gave a clear advantage to the Labour Party.

“The bigger the mandate we receive on 26 March, the humbler we will be and the more strength and courage we will have to complete reforms,” Abela told the supporters.

He said that the Labour government faced endless opposition from PN during its tenure, saying however that Government was a “strong and united team”.

“We need your trust so that our 1,000 proposals become 1,000 achievements for our country. We started releasing them from the first moments of the election campaign, and whenever we did so everyone would remark on how strong they are,” Abela said in reaction to PN's mantra on Labour's late manifesto.

Abela emphasised his party wanted to provide the opportunity to all to reach their aspirations and for all to become parents, inferring to the IVF reform it is pledging in the manifesto.

In first 100 days, a Labour government will change the IVF law to enable couples who have had unsuccessful IVF cycles, those with a medical history and others who have miscarried to benefit from the latest scientific technology.

“The movement is not Robert Abela, nor the ministers and the candidates but all of us,” Abela concluded, which ironically contradicts the PL's strategy of making the PM the sole protagonist during the campaign