Grech: Gozitan health sector will be among PN government’s top priorities

Nationalist leader Bernard Grech says Labour cannot be believed when it promises a new hospital in Gozo: ‘The only credible promise is the PN’s’

PN leader Bernard Grech
PN leader Bernard Grech

Opposition leader Bernard Grech has promised the Gozitan health sector will be among a Nationalist government’s top priorities.

“If there is something which needs changing in Gozo, it’s the health sector, and we will give you back your hospital,” Grech told supporters in Rabat, Gozo on Tuesday evening.

The PN leader said the difference between the two parties’ manifestos on Gozo is that the PL’s is “recycled”.

He said Labour cannot be believed when it pledges a new hospital in Gozo. “It had to be carried out in 2013, then in 2017 and now they are promising again.”

“Why not stop the deal with Steward first, instead of promising a new hospital? The only credible promise is the PN’s. That is why we want to first trash the Steward deal, and then build a new hospital,” he told supporters. “How can you believe them?”

He also said the PN is pledging oncology services in Gozo, as well as a new helipad at Mater Dei and the Gozo General Hospital. “For us it is not acceptable to spend three hours to go to hospital, especially when you have a medical emergency.”

Grech also said the PN is promising significant investment in mobility between the two islands, saying the Mgarr harbour has become “too small for Gozitans’ aspirations”.

“What did Labour give you? A second-hand Greek ship. We promise to give you two new ships – a passenger ship, and a merchant ship, which will travel from Mgarr to the Grand Harbour. Those are the proposals which will benefit you,” he said.

He also said that throughout the election campaign, people continued to realise that PM Robert Abela “only cares about himself”, making reference to the purchase of an ODZ villa in Zejtun.

“In recent days, we have learned that Robert Abela made a contract for an ODZ villa, five days after the permit was issued. A villa that he claimed to have purchased for €600,000, which after the permission was issued was worth at least €2 million,” he said.

"Robert Abela it has been the days since I challenged you to publish the tax commissioner report on the value of the property. You don’t want to publish it because you're ashamed or because it wasn't done?” he challenged Abela. “You are a serial tax-evader.”

Grech also said a PN government will radically improve the education sector in Gozo.