Who are the MPs that have been elected?

First look at all the elected candidates

Candidates in bold were elected on two districts, which means they will vacate one seat for a casual election to be held. Different rules govern the way each party selects which district seat a candidate should vacate

First District
PL: 60.1%
PN: 37.6%
PN: Darren Carabott, Mario De Marco – PL: Keith Azzopardi Tanti, Deo Debattista, Aaron Farrugia

Second District
PL: 71.2%
PN: 26.3%
PN: Stephen Spiteri – PL: Robert Abela, Clyde Caruana, Chris Agius, Alison Zerafa Civelli

Third District
PL: 69.0%
PN: 27.7%
PN: Stephen Spiteri – PL: Chris Fearne, Owen Bonnici, Carmelo Abela, Andy Ellul

Fourth District
PL: 67.6%
PN: 29.5%
PN: Mark Anthony Sammut – PL: Chris Fearne, Byron Camilleri, Jonathan Attard, Chris Bonett

Fifth District
PL: 65.2%
PN: 31.8%
PN: Bernard Grech – PL: Robert Abela, Miriam Dalli, Owen Bonnici, Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi

Sixth District
PL: 60.6%
PN: 37.3%
PN: Jerome Caruana Cilia, Ryan Callus – PL: Silvio Schembri, Roderick Galdes, Ian Borg

Seventh District
PL: 55.5%
PN: 41.4%
PN: Adrian Delia, Ryan Callus – PL: Ian Borg, Silvio Schembri, Julia Farrugia Portelli

Eighth District
PL: 44.4%
PN: 52.2%
PN: Justin Schembri, Beppe Fenech Adami, Adrian Delia – PL: Clyde Caruana, Edward Zammit Lewis

Ninth District
PL: 40.6%
PN: 55.9%
PN: Joseph Giglio, Robert Arrigo, Ivan Bartolo – PL: Clifton Grima, Michael Falzon

Ten District
PL: 37.0%
PN: 58.6%
PN: Joe Giglio, Robert Arrigo, Mark Anthony Sammut – PL: Michael Falzon, Clifton Grima

Eleventh District
PL: 41.2%
PN: 53.3%
PN: Bernard Grech, Ivan Bartolo, David Agius – PL: Miriam Dalli, Alex Muscat

Twelfth District
PL: 46.8%
PN: 49.5%
PN: Ivan Castillo, Robert Cutajar, Graziella Galea – PL: Clayton Bartolo, Michael Farrugia

Thirteenth District
PL: 53.5%
PN: 43.9%
PN: Alex Borg, Chris Said – PL: Clint Camilleri, Anton Refalo, Jo Etienne Abela

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