Muscat aspires to lead ‘most feminist government’

Labour leader Joseph Muscat announces three new proposals to tackle equality.

Labour leader Joseph Muscat on Vie.
Labour leader Joseph Muscat on Vie.

Joseph Muscat aspires to lead "the most feminist government" this country has ever seen, the Labour leader revealed this morning.

Speaking on One TV during the morning talk show Vie, Muscat also announced three new proposals a Labour government intends to work on to improve equality.

"We intend to review the social security legislation as to better reflect today's realities. We must address the anomaly on which this legislation built that sees the man as the breadwinner and the woman as the housekeeper," Muscat said.

Muscat added that a Labour government intends to strengthen the equality law to address the inequality that exists between men and women.

"Moreover, the National Commission for Equality must be strengthened in order to have more power to implement decision and to be able to give remedies where discrimination is found," he said.

Referring to the PL's pledge to decrease water and electricity bills, Muscat said that one the proposals for the energy sector was the setting up of an Energy Efficiency Support unit. The unit would provide information services to families on how to reduce electricity consumption.

A Labour government would also introduce an old appliances scrappage scheme and provide families with a water saving kit.

Muscat said that such a scheme already exists in Gozo but a Labour government would extend it to Malta as well.