[WATCH] Muscat proposes raise in reduced tax ceiling for part-timers to €10,000

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat reiterates proposal that reduced tax ceiling for full-timers who also work part-time be raised to €10,000.

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat with World Aviation Group CEO Dominic Attard touring the Group's offices.
Labour Leader Joseph Muscat with World Aviation Group CEO Dominic Attard touring the Group's offices.

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat reiterated a proposal delivered earlier that day, whereby the reduced-tax ceiling for those full-time workers who also have an additional part-time job be raised from the current €7,000 to €10,000.

He said that this would also apply to students working part-time and elderly people working part-time.

Muscat said that this proposal is intended to stimulate greater willingness on behalf of those who work part-time to declare their income, which he said will ensure greater transparency, as well as generation additional income for government.

Muscat was speaking during a visit to the offices of the World Aviation Group, which employs roughly 200 people, the majority of whom are women.

During the visit, Muscat also reiterated Labour's proposal aimed at incentivising women to enter the job market, whereby a €2,000 tax credit would be provided to women returning to work.

Muscat also took the opportunity to reiterated Labour's earlier proposals aimed at encouraging more female labour activity: free childcare for working parents, expansion of the Club 3/16 after-school child care services, and greater incentivisation of flexible working conditions among private companies.

Muscat also emphasised the importance of greater education in ICT and technology-related skills, saying that ICT skills are more than a stepping-stone to technology-related professions, and should become "a basic skill."

The Labour leader also emphasised the importance of languages, pointing out that English, which used to be a point of pride for Malta, has slipped considerably, and requires more focus.

He also said that Maltese' proficiency in Italian also requires more attention, given that gone are the days when children would grow up watching Italian TV on a daily basis.

Similarly, he also pointed to languages such as Russian, Spanish, and even French as languages which "would open doors internationally."

Muscat also welcomed a recent initiative undertaken by the University of Malta aimed at encouraging the uptake of Mandarin.

Muscat was accompanied by several Labour candidates, and escorted around the offices by CEO Dominic Attard.