[WATCH] Muscat reiterates Labour’s unifying message in Zejtun

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat reiterated Labour’s unifying message that dismisses ‘political colors’ during a tour of the Zejtun Market.

Labour Leader Joseph Muscat surrounded by lively market-goers in Zejtun.
Labour Leader Joseph Muscat surrounded by lively market-goers in Zejtun.

The 30-minute wait did not put off housewives and elderly who flocked to the Zejtun market to meet Labour leader Joseph Muscat on Wednesday morning.

With women of all ages swarming around him - some of whom even asking the Labour leader's wife Michelle for 'permission' to embrace him - Muscat stopped to shake hands with all comers, sign party merchandise, and share a joke or two with the enthusiastic residents.

Addressing the lively crowd, Muscat urged his supporters to remain positive. "Others have degenerated in a campaign of attacks ... but we will continue working on our proposals," Muscat said.

Among cheers and applause, Muscat said Labour was the only party with a clear plan to reduce utility bills: "We have said the when, the how and by how much." 

Muscat added that the PN wanted people "to work during the night." "He wants to introduce night tariffs without saying that he wants to increase tariffs during the day," he said.

Muscat said the PL's policy was one based on proposals and not on attacks.

"We welcome those who are voting PL for the first time ... Look at the PN billboard that continued to harp on the politician division. We don't want a government that looks at your political color but a government that looks at you as Maltese," he said.