[WATCH] Labour wins Gozo seat majority by 9 votes

Despite winning the majority of votes by a very thin margin, the PN has lost its third seat in Gozo.

Labour's efforts to win Gozo have paid off.
Labour's efforts to win Gozo have paid off.

Labour's efforts to break the PN's stronghold on Gozo during the nine-week campaign have paid off since they won the third seat for the first time since 1955.

Labour MP Justyne Caruana was reelected by a whisker after beating off PN candidate Frederick Azzopardi by a mere nine votes.

Newly elected Prime Minister Joseph Muscat held Labour's first mass meeting on the sister island and held another just three days before the campaign trail came to an end. The message he constantly drove home was that Gozo "was not a Nationalist colony" and that it "belonged to all".

Former Justice Minister Chris Said garnered 4,096 first count votes while former Minister for Gozo Giovanna Debono garnered 4,756 first count votes, while Labour MP Anton Refalo got 5,264 first count votes and newly elected Labour MP Franco Mercieca got 3,970 votes.

As the votes of the elected candidates were transferred to the remaining contenders, reelected Justyne Caruana clinched the last seat without reaching the quota after inheriting 1,209 votes. Her direct competitor Frederick Azzopardi's final tally was of 3957, nine votes short Caruana's 3,966.

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If the frame-up of Joe Cordina had not taken place, the PL majority in Gozo would have been more than a 100, by well-known cross-party voting. Congrats Justyne, you deserve a seat in the HoR.