Sant’s preference for ferry service betrays doubts about Gozo channel

Labour MEP says extensive fast ferry service is solution for Gozo connectivity

Labour MEP Alfred Sant
Labour MEP Alfred Sant

Former Labour prime minister and MEP Alfred Sant has reiterated his doubts about the government’s plans for a tunnel connecting Gozo and Malta.

In a meeting with Labour candidates in Għarb, Sant said connectivity solutions for the two islands should protect the natural beauty of the two islands.

“The best solution for fast connectivity between the two islands would have been a subsidised extensive fast ferry service. Unfortunately this project has been caught in legal court procedures,” Sant said, who supports having a fourth Gozo Channel ferry to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for transport between the two islands.

Sant said he was told by Għarb residents that more foreign residents had moved in their village, leading to the opening of new restaurants and accommodation in new farmhouses and boutique hotels.

Sant has already raised questions on whether the tunnel to be built between Malta and Gozo is the best option to improve transportation between the islands.

Last year he said it would be better to evaluate the options available in the transport sector, “including the issue of how to better link up with Gozo”.

“The capital outlay for [a metro] would indeed be phenomenal. However, as of now, the country is carrying enormous costs to keep going the huge number of cars on our roads. Such costs will continue to increase in the future.

Could it be that perhaps we had better do some more sums in order to evaluate the options that are available in the transport sector, including the issue of how to better link up with Gozo?”