PN proposes integration of foreign workers through training programmes

The Nationalist Party’s manifesto for the European Parliament election that will be approved tomorrow proposes integration as a solution to the foreign influx

The PN is proposing integration programmes for migrant workers
The PN is proposing integration programmes for migrant workers

The economy must not depend on “a radical increase in population” and long term foreigners should benefit from integration programmes, the Nationalist Party is proposing.

In its manifesto for the European Parliament election, the PN reiterates its concern over the increase in population driven by foreign workers who are plugging labour gaps in the market.

However, in the section titled Security and Migration, the party kicks off its message by insisting it is committed to “safeguard the fundamental human rights, especially the protection of life, irrespective of who the person is”.

It then argues that the PN favours “smart migration”, defining this as, foreign workers who can bring new and professional skills to the island through which Maltese can learn.

While critical of government’s economic model, the PN says government should be tapping EU funds to create training programmes that help foreign workers integrate.

These programmes must emphasise language learning and cultural aspects linked to the Maltese way of life. This seems to jar with the memes circulated by the party last week in which the government was criticised for "filling Malta with foreigners" (fqajtu Malta bil-barranin).

The PN manifesto
The PN manifesto

EU border guards

The manifesto says that the EU must ensure that proposals to have 10,000 European external border agents are implemented in the next legislature.

“We have to be just with those who need protection, strong with those who do not deserve protection and harsh with traffickers,” the manifesto says.

It also proposes that the EU should open migrant holding centres in neighbouring non-EU countries where migrants can be processed by the UNHCR. 

However, the PN manifesto’s first proposal is a statement of conscience that PN MEPs will work to protect the right to life “from conception to death”.

PN MEPs will also be expected to fight injustice and poverty in all its forms and act as ambassadors to attract new economic sectors to Malta.

The manifesto also proposes fighting fake news by giving “quality journalism incentives” and providing assistance for fact checking.

The PN also agrees with the creation of an EU financial intelligence mechanism to investigate cases of money laundering.

The manifesto is expected to be approved by the PN general council today.