Election race is a choice between leaders for Joseph Muscat, not so for Adrian Delia

Joseph Muscat wants you to decide between him and Adrian Delia, while the Opposition leader insists, the European election is not a two-men race

Adrian Delia and Joseph Muscat
Adrian Delia and Joseph Muscat

Adrian Delia does not want the European election to turn into a showdown between him and Joseph Muscat, telling supporters it is about electing the best people.

The Nationalist Party leader in Fgura said the 25 May election was not a choice between two people as he hammered the government for causing the country reputational damage.

But in complete contrast, the Labour Party leader insisted the election was a chance for people to choose between him and Delia.

Muscat was speaking in San Ġwann, where he spoke about the country’s success and the positive review delivered by the European Commission’s spring economic forecast today.

The two leaders were addressing supporters under the tent on Tuesday as part of the election campaign events.

A fired-up Muscat told the crowd he will continue campaigning in the remaining days “with full energy” and visit every corner of the country.

“I have full confidence in our team of candidates and have no problem putting my name under theirs… I submit myself to the people’s judgement and this is why the choice is between me and Adrian Delia,” he said, urging supporters to vote for all Labour candidates.

The Opposition leader used the occasion to criticise the PL for forming part of the European socialists that are proposing tax harmonisation.

Delia said tax harmonisation across the EU would threaten the 25,000 jobs in the financial services and gaming sectors.

“Every vote and every seat for the PL is one more seat for Frans Timmermans and a vote against Malta,” Delia warned.

Timmermans is the lead candidate for the socialists and the grouping supports tax harmonisation, although the PL MEPs have always voted against any such move.

Delia accused Labour MEP Alfred Sant of agreeing with tax harmonisation, a dig that came a day after the former Labour prime minister lambasted the PN MEPs for voting in favour of a motion calling for EU tax policy to be decided by qualified majority and not unanimity.

Delia ended his speech by rallying supporters and saying that every vote for the PN was a vote to defend Malta and its taxation system.

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