We want a Europe that shows solidarity, subsidiarity and sustainability – AD

Carmel Cacopardo said the Green Party wanted to champion a politics of hope and not hate

Altrenattiva Demokratika has concluded its election campaign by insisting on the importance of working for a Europe which focuses its efforts on solidarity, subsidiarity and sustainability. 

At a press conference on Thursday, AD chairman Carmel Cacopardo stressed that politicians should lead by example and should inspire hope rather than hatred.

“We want a Europe of solidarity. We must not only expect others to show solidarity with us, but we should also show solidarity with others," Cacopardo said.

Europe, he emphasised, needed to do more to understand those who were fleeing their country in the hope of a better life in order to show solidarity with front-line countries, like Malta that often must bear the brunt of the migration phenomenon. 

“If the union showed the same solidarity with migrants as it showed with the banks when they faced difficulties years back, the situation today would be very different,” Cacopardo said. 

The AD chairman, who is himself running for a seat at the European Parliament, said the party had presented a mixture of candidates with bothe new and experienced candidates for the electorate to choose from.

AD secretary general Ralph Cassar said that the party’s candidates will be working towards better investment in health, public libraries and quality of life, if elected.

On a local level, Cassar said AD candidates would be striving to plant more trees, create more open spaces and improving citizens access to alternate modes of transport, like cycling. 

MEP candidate Mina Tolu pointed to the campaigns run by the country's two major political parties, which they said had been littered with false assurances and partisan arguments.

“While the big parties focused on biased debates and false promises, we looked to tackle the issues surrounding climate change, immigration and social justice,” Tolu said. 

Renewable energy, sustainable public transport, emissions reduction and social justice will be at the forefront of the AD’s political strategy, they said. “While we have seen a wave of far-right rhetoric, people have started to realise that hate is dangerous, and a sustainable and inclusive Europe is still a possibility if we work together.”

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