Majority of Parisians vote in favour of banning rental e-scooters from the French capital

90% of votes in a citywide referendum were cast in favour of the ban

Parisians on Sunday voted to ban to self-service e-scooter rentals from the French capital.

The Paris mayor's office said results showed that nearly 90% of votes in a citywide referendum had been cast in favour of the ban.

The ban comes after the city was experiencing a high-number of accidents related to the alternative mode of transport.

When e-scooters were introduced in Paris in 2018, the city became a world leader in embracing the new mode of transport, with the ‘trottinette’ billed as an alternative to cars.

The sudden influx of scooters created havoc in the French capital, with no parking spaces and little regulation on the service.

Paris had tried regulating the service, with the fleet capped at 15,000, and even speed limits and fines were introduced.

But despite the authorities’ efforts, recent figures show that multi-passenger e-scooters are involved in one in every five accidents in Paris.