‘Unity’ will be the buzzword for EU’s 60th birthday

After Poland’s row, EU leaders increase resolve to push messages of unity in preparation for the European Union’s 60th anniversary

EU leaders during this morning's session
EU leaders during this morning's session

EU leaders, less the UK, continued their meeting in Brussels today with a morning session focusing on preparations for this month’s Rome summit to mark the European Union’s 60th anniversary.

‘Unity’ will be the buzzword, as the bloc struggles to present a united front on multiple issues – heightened by Poland’s row over Donald Tusk who last night blocked the council conclusions.

Poland still took part during this morning’s session on drafting the declaration for the Rome Summit.

France and Germany favour a "multi-speed Europe" in which some member states can deepen integration faster than others; the Visenguard Group oppose it, for fear of being locked out and left behind.

According to a draft of the proposals, the EU 27 will "work together to promote the common good on the understanding that some of us can move closer, further and faster in some areas, keeping the door open to those who want to join later."

The focus will be on security, solidarity, economic growth and the fight against social exclusion and poverty, amongst others.

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