[WATCH] It’s PN’s entitlement to be in power that has to change, embattled Delia says

‘We have to make ourselves a credible and strong opposition, then we can make the PN an alternative government,’ Opposition leader Adrian Delia said

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

PN leader Adrian Delia has made an all-out attack on what he claims is his party’s mentality and entitlement to be in government without any concrete show of humility or policy-making, a dig at his own internal critics.

“The party’s pretentions of being in government, where we think it is our right to be in government, has to change,” Delia said.

The embattled Opposition leader was being interviewed on the party’s radio station NET FM.

“We spent 25 years in government, and that may have affected the way we approach politics. We have to make ourselves a credible and strong opposition, then we can make the PN an alternative government,” Delia said.

In the last few days, the PN was faced with multiple resignations from the party’s administration, with deputy leader Robert Arrigo, secretary general Clyde Puli and president of the general council Kristy Debono all submitting their notice.

Thanking them for their service, Delia invited listeners to properly assess the reasons for their resignation, but insisted that he is yet to take a decision.

“I might ask them to reconsider their decision,” he said.

Citing Arrigo’s resignation letter, in which he said that Delia was faced with “a tsunami against him”, the PN leader said that the party can never move forward if there are constant difficulties in the background.

“Whoever the leader is, be it me or someone else, if he doesn’t lead a unified party no success will be achieved, and no wonder the survey results are as they are,” he said.

The PN leader also vowed that in the coming months, he would be meeting with the different committees and sections of the party.

“They will all be offered the opportunity to express how they feel,” Delia promised.

Adrian Delia also said that he would be visiting all the different localities in the country.

On the proposed party reform being led by former PN MP Louis Galea, Delia said that changes will be radical, while promising to start rolling out changes by coming March.

The reformed is expected to be carried out in the party’s media and finances amongst other things.

“The party’s functioning shouldn’t be top down but bottom up. The party is not the leadership or the MPs, but the members,” he stated, while insisting on bring the PN closer to the people.

Delia also hit back at accusations of him gripping on to the party leadership over alleged personal financial issues.

“The allegations that have circulated are plain lies. I made much more money from my private practice than my parliamentary salary, and I never shied away from responding on my personal financial state,” he insisted.

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