Coronavirus: Miriam Dalli calls for specific guidelines for work and entertainment places

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli says information is the best tool to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and calls for specific health guidelines for schools, clubs, supermarkets, pubs and other places where people congregate

Labour MEP Miriam Dalli
Labour MEP Miriam Dalli

There must be clear guidelines for workplaces and entertainment spots where people congregate in large numbers to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Miriam Dalli said.

The Labour MEP called for specific protocols for schools, offices, industrial ones, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

“The best tool to address the coronavirus is information on how to prevent the disease and how to act in practice. We need clear and detailed guidelines, especially for zones where people gather in large groups,” she said.

Dalli called for drills so that everyone would know how to behave in the eventuality of an outbreak.

“Everyone has to know what to do if they are sick or meet someone who is. In an organisation, everyone has to know who is responsible for what,” Dalli said.

She called on the government, the Opposition, trade unions and employers to unite under one message to safeguard the country’s interests. “This is not a message intended to sound alarmist but a time where everyone has to work for the common good,” she said.

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