PM using health services to forward party interests – Repubblika

Civil society NGO claim PM not differentiating between party and government when using Labour media to make announcements of national interest

Civil society NGO Repubblika have called out Prime Minister Robert Abela for using “health services and sickness” to forward his party’s political interests.

In a statement, Repubblika said that Abela has confirmed that he does not differentiate between party and government.

It condemned the PM for using the Labour party media in order to announce government decisions.

Robert Abela announced on Sunday the lifting of further restrictions as from Friday, which will see bars and gyms reopening after closing down due to measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

“Robert Abela should learn to act as Prime Minister of all Maltese citizens,” the NGO said.

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The PM also made reference to the NGO during his Sunday speech, after a magistrate threw out a complaint forwarded by Repubblika accusing the PM and AFM commander Jeffrey Curmi, as well as the AFM’s P52 crew of sabotaging a migrant vessel.

Abela said that a distinction must be carried out between the NGO and Jason Azzopardi’s actions.

“We might not always agree, but Repubblika should continue carrying out its work in representing civil society,” he said.

On the other hand, Abela claimed that Jason Azzoparid, who represented the NGO in the case, had the intention of “destabilizing the country” when filing the request.

Azzopardi has since renounced his brief.

“Jason Azzopardi forms part of a faction from within the PN, which thinks it has the right to rule,” Abela said.

He also called on the Opposition leader to take action, or else he risks becoming victim of that faction.

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