PM non-committal on what happens to migrants on ship detentions

Prime Minister Robert Abela hopeful that solution for migrants moored outside territorial waters is found by time ports reopen

Prime Minister Robert Abela has said he is hopeful a solution is found for migrants stuck at sea by the time ports reopen.

“We will not give up on finding a solution for these migrants,” Abela said.

Addressing a press conference at Castille on Monday evening, the PM announced the further lifting of measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19.

In light of his announcement, that the airport and ports will be reopening, Abela was asked whether migrants moored outside territorial waters will be allowed to disembark in Malta.

Four tourist boats have been chartered by the government to host 425 migrants.

Abela said government will continue to insist the European Union shares the burden with Malta.

Recalling his visit to Libya, he insisted a solution must be found in the North African country.

“Relocation is a temporary solution,” he said.

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