Air Malta received over 40,000 refund and rebooking requests after COVID-19 flight cancellations

Air Malta says it cancelled more than 5,000 flights due to the closure of airports around Europe and North Africa

Air Malta received over 40,000 requests for refunds, rebooking and vouchers, following the forced closure of most airports due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The airline also cancelled over 5,000 flights, disrupting travel plans for over half a million passengers.

Air Malta said it is expecting more requests to come through as time passes.

The airline has mobilised a large number of resources to satisfy these requests, while stating it understands the concerns raised by customers with delays in getting replies.

“The closure of most airports, with the consequential sudden stop of most of revenue from ticket sales, was not a scenario the aviation industry in general ever envisaged,” it said.

Air Malta has vowed to clear the backlog of requests by the end of October.

“Although it is taking longer than it normally would, the airline remains committed to honour each request,” it said.

The airline thanked customers for their patience, while looking forward to a return to traveling.

“[Air Malta] hopes that the new flight schedule commencing on 1 July will offer more people the opportunity to fly,” the airline said.

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