[WATCH] ‘No vacancy yet for Opposition leader’ says PN deputy leader

Nationalist Party deputy leader David Agius disappointed that public discussion is about the Opposition leader when it should be about government’s corruption

PN deputy leader David Agius
PN deputy leader David Agius
PN deputy leader: Party must understand situation after no confidence vote

There is no vacancy yet for Opposition leader, Nationalist Party deputy leader David Agius said as he voiced concern that the country’s focus is not on government corruption.

Agius said he voted in favour of party leader Adrian Delia during yesterday’s vote of no confidence pushed by rebel MPs.

The deputy leader told journalists gathered outside parliament this afternoon that so far, Delia remained the leader of the Opposition and the party.

“I have confidence in Adrian Delia but we have to understand what the situation is and act accordingly… I voted in favour of Adrian Delia and he is the leader of the Opposition and the party, as members wanted and I respect that. When and if there is a process that dictates otherwise we will act accordingly,” Agius said.

Visibly disappointed by the situation the PN had found itself in, Agius regretted that instead of focussing on government’s corruption, the country was debating the Opposition.

"We have a grave situation in the country and we need the PN to be very strong right now... it is subjective to say the PN will be strong without Adrian Delia. We need to be strong collectively to stand up to government corruption and defend the interests of ordinary people," Agius said.

Other PN MPs declined to comment as they entered parliament.

At the same time, some of the rebel MPs were meeting inside parliament to chart a way forward.