MZPN want Delia replaced, call for 'honest and serious leadership'

The Nationalist Party’s youth wing says a change in leadership is the only way ‘integrity, respect and credibility’ can be restored  

The PN's youth wing MZPN wants a change in party leadership
The PN's youth wing MZPN wants a change in party leadership

The Nationalist Party’s youth wing MZPN has joined the call for a change in party leadership as pressure mounts on Adrian Delia.

MZPN said on Monday it was its duty to speak clearly on the need of a strong Opposition.

“With determination and conviction, we need to bring the party back to its feet, so we can drive the party towards being an Opposition which truly serves as a shield for the people,” the youth wing said.

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Posted by MŻPN on Sunday, 19 July 2020

This is not the first time that the party leadership has come under fire from MZPN, with the youth wing previously calling for change.

“Today, the PN has a decision to make. The choice is without a doubt a difficult one, but it will define our future,” MZPN said, adding that the party could only change direction if it had “honest and serious leadership.”

“We need to win back integrity, respect and credibility,” it said.

Last week, party leader Adrian Delia lost a confidence vote in the party’s executive committee. He previously also lost the confidence of his parliamentary group.

The majority of MPs have proposed Therese Comodini Cachia as Opposition leader, a bid thwarted by the President, who said he could not appoint an Opposition leader who was not leader of the largest party in opposition.

Despite losing the two confidence votes, Delia insisted he would be staying on as PN leader, stating he would not be betraying the party members who elected him.

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