MATSEC issues exam concessions for students in mandatory quarantine

MATSEC issues new regulation over September 2020 exams in light of the COVID-19 situation in the country 

The University has issued MATSEC exams concessions for candidates who are in mandatory quarantine. 

Students in mandatory quarantine looking to join courses with limited spaces will be offered the opportunity to sit for their examinations at home under supervision. 

MATSEC said students looking to enrol within courses with limited availability like dental surgery and medicine, will be admitted to the course of their choice if they obtain all the General and Special Course Requirements by the September 20202 session. 

It also said that applicants looking to join other undergraduate courses and are currently in mandatory quarantine will be allowed to join their first preference course in October 2020 as temporary students. 

These students will then have to sit for the Advanced and Intermediate level examinations by the December 2020 examination session. 

“If they obtain at least 36 points they will continue the course as probationary students until the end of the academic year. If they obtain less than 36 points, they will be withdrawn from the course,” MATSEC said. 

The concessions will only apply for students in mandatory quarantine, and will not apply to students who are sick or absent. 

Due to SEC examinations not being held in December 2020, students applying to join the Junior College, and who will be in mandatory quarantine ordered by the health authorities during the September 2020 examination session, will be allowed to join the Junior College as probationary students until the end of the academic year. 

Once students are informed by the Health Authorities that they must remain in mandatory quarantine they are required to immediately inform MATSEC Support Unit by sending an email on [email protected] which should include also a copy of the document issued by the Health Authorities.