Chief Justice warns shortage of court lawyers could lead to problems in selecting judiciary

Chetcuti's comments come on the first day of the Sena Forensi

Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti has warned that in the not-too-distant future, Malta may not have enough practising courtroom lawyers to select members of the judiciary from.

Chetcuti said this in a speech marking the beginning of the court calendar, the Sena Forensi, an occasion traditionally marking the resumption of court activity after the summer break.

The Chief Justice praised the dedicated work of his colleagues in the judiciary who continued to make efforts to administer justice, adding however that a legislative intervention was required in increasing the number of judges and magistrates, not only because of the increase in volume, but also the complexity and degree of specialisation required in certain cases.

Chetcuti said there was the intention that the government, together with the university of Malta, revise the law course and create a more specialised course for those who wish to practise as litigators.

“There is today already a problem that few advocates work in court and if this problem is not addressed, in future we could have a situation where there won’t be a choice of lawyers who are prepared to work in Court and much less choice of continuously practicing lawyers as candidates for the judiciary.”