[WATCH] Robert Abela is not amused after Bernard Grech invites himself to Castille

Prime Minister doesn’t take kindly to PN leader’s self-invitation to Castille: ‘Bernard Grech can enter Castille when he wins an election against Robert Abela’

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

Robert Abela is not amused with newly-elected Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech’s self-invitation to Castille.

The Prime Minister was brash about Grech’s earlier Facebook comment that he will ask for an official appointment at Castille when he becomes Opposition leader to discuss a number of issues.

“Bernard Grech can enter Castille when he wins an election not against Adrian Delia but an election against Robert Abela,” the Prime Minister said when asked for his reaction outside parliament this evening.

Grech said he will use the meeting to raise a number of urgent issues, including the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, a motion for an independent inquiry on the “corrupt Electrogas contract”, and a proposal to hold a national conference on population and migration.

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Posted by Bernard Grech on Monday, 5 October 2020

Abela had on Sunday invited Grech for a meeting at Labour headquarters to discuss issues “that could take the country forward”.

But Abela brushed aside Grech’s proposals, insisting that if Grech knows of corruption on the Electrogas deal he can go to an inquiring magistrate and ask for an investigation. “If he does not do so, he would have made an invitation that he himself has turned down,” Abela said.

On migration, the Prime Minister insisted that a national conference on migration was not necessary and Grech had only to say whether he believed Malta was full-up.

“Bernard Grech has already said that he does not think Malta is full-up. Until the conference, he is calling for is over more boats will make it here. My government will stick to its decision that Malta is full-up and this is the argument I am making in the EU,” the Prime Minister said.

Abela yesterday invited Grech to join his government's position that Malta was full-up so as to be able to present a united front in the EU.

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