[WATCH] PN to draw up COVID-19 action

Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech says government has shown ‘incompetence’ when dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

PN leader Bernard Grech
PN leader Bernard Grech

The Nationalist Party will be launching an action plan, in light of “the government’s incompetence” in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Opposition leader Bernard Grech said the party has launched a task force made up of MPs Claudio Grech, Clyde Puli, Stephen Spiteri, Claudette Pace and Maria Fatima Deguara. The task force will be led by Grech himself.

“We will be working towards drawing a plan forward for the country, in light of the incompetent leadership shown by Prime Minister Robert Abela,” he said.

Grech called out Abela for his lack of decision making in dealing with the pandemic.

“Where is Robert Abela to take action in order to reassure people? Where is Abela’s leadership in ensuring that we have a safe Christmas?” Grech questioned.

The PN leader also called for political responsibility to be shouldered by Labour MP Silvio Parnis over the sharp rise in COVID-19 deaths among the country’s elderly population.

“Robert Abela told us the waves are at sea, but now waves have completely overrun the country,” Grech said.

The opposition leader voiced his approval at COVID-19 being discussed by parliament next Tuesday.

“The PN has once stepped up to provide Maltese families with an alternative to the government’s incompetence,” he said.