Government proposes increase in retirement age for judges and magistrates

Government proposes extension in judiciary’s retirement age to 68

The Minister for Justice is expected to present a motion and a Parliamentary Bill related to the extension in the retirement age of Judges and Magistrates.

The motion has already been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

This motion is expected to propose an amendment to Articles 97 and 100 of the Constitution.

The Government will be proposing that Judges and Magistrates voluntarily decide whether to retire at 65 years of age, as per the current provisions in our Constitution, or to extend their retirement until they reach the age of 68.

They shall report their intention to the President of Malta and the Chief Justice.

This intent is to enhance court efficiency in the best interest of legal certainty and access to Courts for all citizens.

It shall address the backlog of cases in court particularly the Court of Appeal (Civil Jurisdiction), where there is a structural problem pending for at least the last 12 years.

This constitutional amendment regarding the age of retirement of the Judiciary shall be accessible to all sitting judges and magistrates, together with prospective new members that will be sitting on the Judicial Bench.